Dear Sir/Madam,

Welcome to EV Academy.

EV Academy is a UK-based online school, with a practical delivery of the UK national curriculum at the heart of our teaching and overseas education consultants to help students gain scholarships and achieve their goals.

Recently, we have launched the PENPAL Club, the low-cost model of practising English communication skills with British/American volunteers. The PENPAL Club offers three learning packages with three different learning activities and fees, giving students more choice to sharpen their English communication skills. The learning packages are as follows:

PENPAL 1: Students participate in English communication practice in community classes, which take place over 45 minutes five sessions per day from Monday to Friday. The package fee is VNĐ330,000 (GBP10)/month.

PENPAL 2: Students participate in PENPAL 1 activities and in addition have a 15-minute one-to-one English tuition session with British/American tutors twice per week. The fee is VNĐ990,000 (GBP30)/month.

PENPAL 3: Students participate in PENPAL 1 and in addition have a 15-minute one-to-one English tuition with British/American tutors 4 times per week. The fee is VNĐ1,980,000 (GBP60)/month.

Initial installation fee for each package is VNĐ50,000 (GBP1.56).

Classes are conducted by a team of British/American volunteers who help students improve pronunciation, increase their English reflexes, and have a solid English foundation.

With the goodwill and cooperation for mutual development, the school would like to invite you to become a collaborator.

As a collaborator, you will be in charge of inviting customers to register courses with EV Academy. The school provides documents and information for promotional purposes and give any support if needed.

We are committed to building a good relationship between the two parties in order to improve the quality of education, increase the school’s prestige and trust with parents, and promote the brands for both sides.

Here are the instructions for affiliate registration:

Step 1: Visit EV Academy's website:

Step 2: Login to your account or register a new account following your Microsoft Teams or Facebook account, and fill in all the required content to complete the registration step.

Contributors can also register at the following link:

Step 3: After the Affiliate account has been activated, you can copy the link of any course in the website and then send it to potential customers. You will receive a commission as negotiated when customers buy a course at EV Academy.

The affiliate link has the following form: Referral link must include uid code.

We look forward to this partnership and strongly believe that together we will prosper in our respective aims. We would like very much to express our appreciation, and best wishes for your health, happiness and success.  

Your sincerely,

The Board of Directors of EV Academy.



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