On behalf of the staff, children and governors, I am delighted to welcome you to EV Academy.

EV Academy is a unique online learning portal. We believe passionately in ‘education for all’, as such we support any aspiring student to reach their potential with internationally recognised qualifications in Maths, English and Science.

We have an expanding range of learning environments, online classrooms, on demand pre-recorded lessons, interactive sessions and online puzzles/homework.  With a growing repository of instructional videos and puzzles our children learn in a structured way; tracking and exceeding the skill levels expected internationally.

We are constantly developing all areas of the school to support our curriculum. I feel particularly strongly that our online school provides world leading inclusive material for students with specific learning difficulties, subtle changes make a powerful difference and help everyone learn more effectively.

With the changing nature of the world we live in, robots dominating factories with increasing levels of automation even in skilled tasks, it is important we teach the citizens of tomorrow. At EV Academy we pride ourselves in teaching reasoning skills and physical understanding. We not only give our pupils the tools they need, we teach them how to use the tools skilfully and with creativity. Computers can solve equations. We teach our students to generate the equations that solve real world problems!

We provide access to this high-quality education to students globally. We teach our internationally recognised curriculum in clear British English, with a broad range of foreign-language support. We have a dedicated team of teachers, translators, presenters and a highly skilled technical team.

We would like you to come and experience learning with us. We offer a broad range of introductory lessons. Please browse our website to find more details.

As you have seen here and will see throughout our website, I am very proud of our children and the staff that are making such a big difference to lives.

I hope you will join us at EV Academy!

Dr Jonathan Clarke


General introduction

EV Academy is a high-quality UK primary and secondary school online. The school has highly qualified British teachers and the curriculum is developed by accredited UK educational institutions. In the 2020-21 school year, the school has classes for students from 9 to 18 years old.

EV Academy students are allowed to transfer directly to high schools and universities around the world. In particular, during the annual summer semester, the school organises Vietnamese students to study in the UK, visit schools and visit teachers.

To encourage study, the school offers preferential scholarships to international students, excellent students who want to study abroad at 40 High Schools and more than 100 Universities that are our partners in the UK. Over the past two years, EV has awarded many scholarships of 100 per cent tuition fees to excellent Vietnamese students to study abroad in the UK.



At EV Academy, the vision is for each graduate to be a desire for knowledge and personal development. Students will actively seek learning opportunities in all facets of life and will bring the foundational knowledge and skills needed to excel in the learning challenges ahead. Great schools realise that learning is lifelong. Therefore, at EV Academy, we refuse to focus on maximizing short-term seasonal classes. A school's priority is current learning to equip each student with skills for long-term healthy growth.


Resources online

At EV Academy, all of our interactive lessons are recorded, digitized, and archived. This archive is accessible 24/7.

Each course gives students access to the entire subject curriculum. All lessons are digitized and students can review the lesson transcript at any time. The lessons are divided by topics, helping students find and look up easily and accurately. This is a great resource to support students reinforcing learning, mastering difficult knowledge, and preparing for exams.

If for any reason students miss a lesson, they can review the entire lesson through the school's digital archives.



At EV Academy, students and teachers communicate through a variety of mediums throughout the learning process.

Teachers will use texts, whiteboards, notes, recordings, screen sharing, and a web browser to conduct the lesson.

During class time, teachers ask students to perform additional work in the learning process. Students can ask questions directly or privately to the teacher. All students' questions are guaranteed to be heard and answered.




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